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welcome to XCRM "a better way to market" for agents/brokers/marketers

we provide 4 comprehensive solutions allowing your marketing to be simplified, streamlined and effective.  best of all, its easy to use and has a super high adoption rate amongst users of all abilities. we developed this solution based on understanding how real-estate firms market and what they need to be innovative in their space.  our solution is built on today's technology, with open api's allowing us to interface with any third party technology provider.

agent/broker/marketer solutions

print and direct mail

connections to data 

social media

list integration

e-mail marketing 



our values

our mission is to provide highest quality web solutions providing marketing materials for print, direct mail & email at affordable prices.

our vision is to provide a robust easy to use solution which is scaleable to facilitate your business requirements of today and tomorrow.

building these solutions on today's technology allowing any data source to connect to our platform providing real time communications

being highly adaptive and an easy to navigate solutions allows for a extremely high adoption rate by agents/brokers/marketer's

services we offer

our online solution allows agents, brokers and marketers to create professional communications with ease. we have taken a complex process and simplified it. within minutes and a minimal amount of clicks, beautiful materials such as postcards, show sheets and brochures can be created for print, mail and email. our portal connects to your agents and listings data, along with all your photography automatically, all ready when you login. our image library is a repository for photography, headshots, floorplans and mailing lists, allowing you to easily manage content. all with your corporate identity and your branded templates.

we are a local full-service, environmentally friendly, digital and commercial print provider with on-site certified USPS mail facility. our automated manufacturing process enables you to easily incorporate digital personalized print, direct mail and email into an overall marketing strategy that’s efficient and effective. our online portal or data-driven solution allows your campaigns to be generated at the right time with the right content, virtually on autopilot! we provide “best-in-class” manufacturing in our G7 certified facilities providing excellent quality and customer service for over two decades!

whether you’re a CEO, marketing director, sales manager or anywhere in between, your always making connections. wouldn’t it be great if all your agents/brokers, sales assistants, marketing, and customer service teams had the ability to access your assets in real time? our solution allows all the connections to be made in one seamless eco-system linking your crm, images, listings data, brokers, head shots, budgets, artwork, templates, email & mail lists, all ready for you to use when you log in. our connectivity takes the complexity out of linking all these data sources allowing you to focus your energies on growing your business

social media plays a crucial role in virtually the entire cycle of all businesses and organizations. almost overnight, social media has become the primary source of news and information to half of the population. our platform identifies, organizes and curates information important to you or your team and then provides easy-to-use tools to help share this information. your company can now communicate talking points, news or other updates and maintain engagement with your target audiences. all designed to work seamlessly as part of your communications strategy fully customizable to meet your business requirements.

our solution will allow your crm system to feed your leads, contacts and listings into your daily marketing strategy. if you are without a crm system you can simply upload your excel files directly into the portal. if you need to acquire leads, we integrate with accu-data, accu-leads, hoovers, info-usa, usa-data and others to make finding contacts easy!

e mail perhaps is one of the easiest ways to communicate with people. however as email has become so over used it has become a very ineffective method to get your message noticed, "less than .0004%" when email is combined with direct mail "print" the percentage goes up significantly. our marketing platform allows you to accomplish this with ease.

our happy Clients

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